CZO Power Armor

The CZO Power Armor is a fantastic piece of d-bee engineering of unknown origin. It is not a typical suit of body armor, but is instead manifested through matter/energy conversion. Similarly, many of the suit's weapons and abilities also rely on conversion technology. This technology is far superior to anything found natively on Rifts Earth and many other places in the multiverse.

As amazing as the suit itself is, its modular nature is the most impressive. It is adaptable to withstand extreme environments, upgrade its arsenal, even alter its physical shape by transforming the wearer into pure energy and compressing the suit into a sphere.

The unimplanted base unit resembles a flattened metal disk, about 6" on the long side and about 1" thick. Upon touching the base unit, a sentient being immediately understands how to begin implantation: by placing the unit on the wearer's back, below the neck. The base unit then begins implanting itself, making connections throughout the wearer's central nervous system. It is an extremely painful process, and not all who attempt it survive.


SDC/MDC: 100 MDC. In addition, the suit regenerates 10 MDC per minute provided the suit has taken no damage within the last minute.
Weight: 200lbs (90kg)
Mobility: Excellent mobility. The suit is integrated with the wearer's central nervous system, resulting in instantaneous reaction time. No penalty to prowl.
Bonuses: +8 to P.S. and P.E., +10 to Spd.

Standard Features:

Sealed environmental suit, unlimited oxygen supply even in a vacuum. Temperature rated to 400 degrees Farenheit.
Standard sensor suite: Complete visual spectrum + infrared. Auditory amplification and filtration.
Arm cannon: The CZO Power Armor features a variable phased plasma cannon molded around the right arm starting at the elbow and completely covering the right hand. In its most basic configuration, the arm cannon is capable of delivering highly accurate phased plasma bolts at a high rate of fire with minimal recoil. (2d6 MD, standard rate of fire, unlimited ammunition)

Additional (optional) Features:

Micro-missile launcher: The arm cannon uses matter/energy conversion to create micro-missles on demand. Micro-missle system draws on a seperate energy resevoir than the base systems, which limits ammunition. The energy resevoir is also upgradable, which allows for greater ammunition capacity. The resevoir can be recharged by patching into any available electrical system or portable e-clip system. The matter/energy conversion system takes time to make each micro-missle, which limits rate of fire. (5d6 MD, aimed only)
Spherical Transformation Module: This upgrade uses the suit's matter/energy conversion systems to convert the wearer into pure energy, and transforms the suit itself into a sphere 30" in diameter. The wearer maintains complete control over the suit, and can roll around at will. Very useful for maneuvering into small openings that the suit's mass would otherwise prohibit.
Compressed Plasma Bomb Launcher: This addon for the sphere transformation module allows the wearer to deploy a highly explosive compressed plasma bomb while transformed. The bomb deals 1d4x10 MD in a 2ft diameter from the point of explosion. The wearer is immune to this damage.
Micro-fusion Bomb Upgrade: This is an upgraded version of the compressed plasma bomb. It deals 2d4x10 MD in a 10ft diameter from the point of explosion. The wearer is immune to this damage.
Extreme Temperature Shielding: Provides additional thermal protection up to an astonishing 1,500 degrees Farenheit.
Underwater Movement Compensation: Adjusts joint servos and timings to allow for normal suit operation completely submerged.
Cost and Availability: Incredibly rare and virtually priceless.